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UsedMH.com’s mission is to increase the supply of high-quality affordable housing to tenants that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

Our company purchases distressed mobile homes in the Rocky Mountain region. We then refurbish and remodel the homes to high quality standards. Among many other updates to the homes, most of our homes get a fresh coat of exterior and interior paint. Often homes will get new plumbing, electrical, and/or HVAC. We ensure all appliances are functional and will replace them if needed. What makes us unique is our intentions – we don’t do this for a living, we do this to help great people get into nice homes! Another unique aspect to our company is our ability to help those who may not have the full amount of cash available to buy a remodeled mobile home. We can owner finance the purchase which helps our buyers get into quality homes without breaking the bank.

Our deep industry connections allow us to efficiently disconnect, move, and install mobile homes too. We can quickly move mobile homes into storage or to a different park.

We’d love to help you too! We are your Mobile Home Experts – 970-599-1699 or info@UsedMH.com

UsedMH.com is wholly owned by Something Canadian, LLC
Registered Colorado Manufactured Home Retailer #D00599


Zak George

Co-Founder of UsedMH.com and Something Canadian LLC

Zak grew up on a farm east of Colorado Springs and has been in the landscape industry ever since High School. After graduating from Colorado State University and spending a year traveling, looking for a career, it was then in 2005 that Zak George Landscaping (ZGL) was born. Zak started the company with just a vision and a few tools to get his new business going.

Since then, Zak has built one the best teams in the industry. Through constant training and ongoing industry education, Zak and his team have become one of the best. Zak himself goes through the same training that his team does, from being Industry certified, ICPI installer certified, to holding a general contractors license from the City of Fort Collins, and many other classes and certifications.

Zak is highly involved in the green industry from the local chapter of ALCC to sitting on water boards and numerous other boards throughout the community. From time to time you will even catch Zak at speaking events about the industry.

Zak enjoys working throughout the community. Every year Zak works on a few service projects. Being an active member of the community is important to Zak as he wants ZGL to be “a local business you can trust”.

David is a co-owner of Engineered Outdoor Products, LLC which manufacturers Shoot-Thru Lens Covers for binoculars and scopes.


Dave Eads

Co-Founder of UsedMH.com and Something Canadian LLC

David spent the first seven years of his professional career at U.S. Engineering Company as a Project Engineer and Project Manager. He was on the project management teams of many of the region’s most complex construction projects including the Medical Center of the Rockies,Embassy Suites Loveland – Hotel & Conference Center, Colorado State University – Research Innovation Center, Colorado State University – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility (cGMP), National Center for Atmospheric Research – Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) in Cheyenne, WY, and Exempla St. Joseph Hospital in Denver. As a Project Manager he was responsible for all financial and operational aspects of his projects. Dave is a Legacy LEED Accredited Professional.

David received a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University in 2006.

David is a co-owner of Engineered Outdoor Products, LLC which manufacturers Shoot-Thru Lens Covers for binoculars and scopes.

David Eads is a Partner and Senior Investment Advisor at Colorado Financial Management LLC with extensive experience tactical investment strategies, comprehensive financial planning, and tailored retirement planning. Having a background of many years in the investment industry, he is able to devise unique strategies to effectively manage his clients’ investments and personal finances.
Understanding every aspect of financial planning and investment management can be daunting. That’s where David comes in. His mission is to provide you with consultative guidance to meet your financial goals. Dave works very hard to create a mutually beneficial and cherished long-term relationship with his clients and their families. He is adept in providing strategic and tactical investment strategies, comprehensive financial planning, and tailored retirement planning.
Staying up to date with all the latest economic data and proprietary market data, David advises his clients in all facets of their financial plan. He specializes in retirement planning, financial planning, and investment management. David is the Chair of Colorado Financial Management’s Northern Colorado Investment Committee. It’s a labor of love for David, as investments have been his hobby for over 20 years. David has strong and effective working relationships with other many professionals in the financial industry.

He offers comprehensive, unbiased, and customized solutions focused on assisting his clients to protect and grow their wealth. It is the customized tactical approach in portfolio design and portfolio management that distinguishes him from his peers. Since each client’s financial goals are unique, shouldn’t their solutions reflect that reality?

David utilizes deep financial knowledge and expertise to effectively help his clients manage their investments and financial future. He will create relationships that last for generations. He has a vast, comprehensive knowledge of tactical investment strategies, financial planning, and an eye for uncommon or undervalued investment opportunities.
David has created transparent, cost-effective financial planning and investment management packages, and combined them with integrative implementation ideas. For his clients, this translates to a higher level of service and at the end of the day, a chance to put money in their pockets.
David has been a Loveland, Colorado resident since 1983. He and his wife Rachel have two sons, Bradley and Wesley. They still live in Loveland and enjoy spending afternoons outside with their two dogs. Knowing the importance of a family, David enjoys helping others so they can achieve their goals for the betterment of their lives with their families.